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Helping out an animal

colorful bird in flight

I saved a bird that ran into my window

A few days ago I was standing in the kitchen and heard a loud thunk on my window. I thought to myself, “oh no, please don’t be another bird that ran into the window and broke its neck!”. Sure enough I saw the little, helpless bird laying on it’s side completely paralyzed on the deck. I panicked thinking to myself, “how can I help this bird?”. Everyone that knows me well knows that I will do anything I can to help or save an injured or suffering animal including bugs. I remembered many years back while working in a wildlife rehabilitation center that we used to put a towel over an animal’s eyes and body to calm the animal. So, I grabbed a towel and slowly approached the helpless bird and gently knelt down to put a towel over the little bird’s body loosely making sure not to suffocate her. She looked up at me and blinked her eyes a few times not able to move as if she was saying, “please don’t hurt me”. It was so sad to see her lying there so helpless. I let her rest there for about 10 minutes and was hoping that she just needed time to recover from the hard hit against the window. When I went outside to check on the bird again 10 minutes later she was able to get up and move around out of the towel! She then flew away like she had never been injured. I was so happy I had tears in my eyes and was very grateful that I had this opportunity to help save this little being. It made my whole week!