How to book a session with me:

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3. My Response. I will connect with your animal within 4-5 business days after receiving your completed form and payment.

I work in a quiet, meditative state while connecting on a soul to soul level with your animal. During the communication session with your animal I will record the communication I have with your animal live and email you an mp3 of the recording via email. If you have further questions beyond the questions we covered you may schedule another session. 

By filling out this form I am agreeing to the following conditions:

I am requesting an Animal Communication Session for my animal(s). The messages Carla B Hara receives and interprets from my animal(s) should not be used to diagnose any illness, disease, ailment or psychological disorders. It is recommended that I take my animal(s) to a veterinarian for any health concerns my animal(s) may have. I am eighteen years or older. Carla B Hara has the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. I hereby release Carla B Hara from any and all liabilities or claims that may result from an Animal Communication Session.  


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